Say hello to The Handy™

The interactive automatic stroker. Proudly designed in Norway using state-of-the-art technology to bring you the most technically advanced machine of its kind on the market. Choose your own pleasure path: play with partners, sync with videos, connect with VR and more.

$169 + Free Shipping

Treat yourself

Wifi & Bluetooth smart control

Sync with adult movies

Fits all sizes and shapes

Ultra simple cleaning

No batteries - Lasts forever

Hardware: Adaptable, Pleasurable, Powerful

Choose your speed

Go as fast or as slow as you like, with speeds up to 10 strokes per second.

Control the stroke length and zone

Experience stroke lengths ranging from 0 to an incredible 110mm (0-4,3”). Find your exact sweet spot.

Customise your grip

Because Handy fits all sizes, pleasure is guaranteed. Adjust the unique TrueGrip system to feel a firm grip, a soft touch, or to whatever feels right for you.

Buy Now – $169

Software: Easily accessible next-generation pleasure

Video Synchronisation

Handy turns your fantasies into reality. Connect with both flat and VR video to synchronise movements with the action on screen - what you see is what you feel.

Open API for developers

Be a part of the innovation. Our open API enables third parties to create software, apps and web services for the Handy for free.

Firmware Updates

We are constantly working to upgrade the Handy, so we provide ongoing firmware updates to provide new features and improved performance at no extra cost to you.

Buy Now - $169

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Our Story

With the Handy, we want to kickstart the sextech evolution.

It all started with the simple question of “can we make an automated stroker that actually works and does the job well?” Now, we are have our sights set on exploring what technology can make possible for sexual experiences and intimate connections.

We are passionate about opening up the conversation on sexual self-discovery without shame - that’s the key to the most innovative ideas and to better sex!

Explore the Handyverse

Join us on The Handy Feeling platform - the Gateway to the Handyverse, and explore endless online possibilities for enhancing your pleasure.

Handy synchronisation

We've built a still-growing library together with several amazing content providers to deliver Handy synchronization with their video collections. There are freebies to kick-start you on your exploration journey and some cool deals if you are hungry for

Local Video Player

Do you have your videos and Handy-compatible scripts? Or maybe you don't want to log in to our partner's sites? No worries, you can synchronize your videos with the Handy locally.

Remote control

A long-distance relationship is not a problem now. This remote app gives you or a partner full motion control over the Handy. Put your Handy into your luggage and play whenever and with whoever you like.

Active, supportive, creative community

The cherry on top - our incredible community plays a big part of shaping the Handyverse. You can explore the works of other members, contribute your own, or get in touch to share your ideas. Whether you’re just curious or an active user looking for more - come join us!

The Handy Diary

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