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Lean back and enjoy

This is how it feels: The same sensational pleasure as a warm and loving hand. Only Handy™ just might do the job a little bit better.

The same sensational pleasure as a warm and loving hand. Only Handy™ just might do the job a little bit better.

Whenever you need a private break, slip on Handy™’s thick and soft sleeve.

Just like a warm hand, it envelops most of your penis – leaving you to lean back, turn on Handy, and let the silent and powerful machine create exactly the kind of handjob you crave.

Do you want the hand to hold you as gently as a maiden? Or with a hard and lustful grip?

Do you want long and tantalizing strokes from top to bottom? Or intensely short strokes around the head?

Do you want to go fast? Or dreamingly slow?

Whatever you need, you have full control at your fingertips. Enjoy a pleasure ride like no other.

Making Handy™ took us three years. Read the full story of how we made the perfect toy for men.

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Lean back and let Handy™ do the job for you.Handy silently obeys all your wishes.

How would you like it now?Adjust and enjoy.

Handy™ is the ultimate comfort gadget. For the first time, you get complete control of your pleasure. Handy will ride you hard or soft, fast or slow. Enjoy long, all-shaft strokes to quick, passionate rubs – or anything in between. Just the simple push of a button changes the action to whatever you desire.

You can also adjust the grip to anything from tight to featherlight.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy. No other tool for men gets even close to this.

Sublime feeling. Simple cleaning.

The Handy™ sleeve gives you a unique feeling: soft, tight and tender. For extra pleasure, why not try it with a lubricant inside? The Handy™ sleeve is made of thick TPE material, making it strong enough for hundreds of actions.

It’s also easy to clean: all moisture and fluids stay in the sleeve. When you’re done, just rinse off the sleeve in warm water. It’ll be clean and ready whenever you want it next!

Experiment with Handy™

Want to experience something new? You can easily attach different sleeves to your Handy™, giving you an instant new sensation.

You can also attach your old manual masturbators to the Handy™ motor, bringing boring old toys to new life!

The ultimate handjob machine for men

Superior pleasure

No other toy for men gets even close to this. Handy™ gives you mind-blowing pleasure and endless variations – so you can choose the exact feeling you want, whenever you want.

Superior quality

Handy™ is a serious and reliable tool. It’s powerful, silent and built with good materials from start to finish. It’s Scandinavian. It’s built by engineers. And it’s built to last.

Superior connectivity

Ready for the future? Let your voice, your partner, or a hot movie control the action through the market’s most advanced internet options.

Scandinavian quality:Strong, silent and built to last

Handy™ is not just another gadget. It’s the world’s first no-nonsense motorized masturbator that really works. A serious tool for men.

Handy™ is made by Norwegian engineers who assessed hundreds of male sex toys.

They couldn’t find a single machine that really gave pleasure.

So, they dedicated years of research to create something completely different: the ultimate handjob machine. Pure Scandinavian quality in a pure Scandinavian design.

  • IT'S FUNCTIONAL: Simple and comfortable to use. Discrete and elegant to look at.
  • IT'S SILENT AND SMOOTH: No cheap and noisy plastics, lots of power at the speed you prefer and guaranteed not to leave you frustrated in the heat of the moment.
  • IT WORKS EVERYTIME: Handy™ is the ultimate in reliability, thanks to its strong brushless motor, strong bearings and strong materials. And did we mention industry grade components?

Ready for the future:Feel the Connection

Let your partner take control

Ever had a handjob from the other side of the world? Let your partner control your pleasure by simply moving a smartphone up and down to control the movements of your Handy™. It’s a fantastic feeling – and it works!*
* Remote control is currently in Beta.

Voice control – and movies

Your Handy™ is ready for the modern world. How about controlling your Handy™ by voice using Google Home? Or letting the movements follow the action in an erotic movie? The Handy™ will be updated with all kinds of features in the coming months.

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Superior pleasure

  • Ultimate handjob machine for men: motorized for your pleasure
  • Great feeling: The soft rubber sleeve covers most of your penis
  • Fits all: our TrueGrip-system suits all sizes perfectly
  • Follows your fantasy: Handy goes hard or soft, fast or slow, long or short strokes, with or without lube

Superior quality

  • Strong brushless motor for silent operation
  • Unique stroke length: choose anything from 0-110mm (0-4.3 inches)
  • Great design: excellent materials and easy to operate. A no-nonsense quality tool
  • Simple cleaning: just rinse the sleeve with water after use

Superior connectivity

  • Live action: let your partner control your experience with her smartphone
  • Voice action: soon you can control the movements unsing your voice
  • Movie action: in the future, let online films control the movements of your Handy
  • Super safe: no data is stored and the Wi-Fi default setting is ‘off’