About us

Who are we?

Handy™ is developed, designed and manufactured by the Norwegian company SweetTech AS, a team of enthusiastic innovators based in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The mastermind behind Handy is Alexander, an engineer educated at the University of Oslo. We’re a friendly bunch, so feel free to send us any questions or comments: contact@theHandy.com.

What have we made?

We’ve developed what we believe is the world’s best masturbator. It fulfills the three critical requirements for an effective masturbator in one handy unit:

• sufficient power
• brilliant ergonomics
• universal fit

To our knowledge, no other masturbator on the market is close to having these three qualities in a single product.

Why did we make Handy™?

There are two reasons we made Handy™.

1. Most masturbators out there are not worth a penny. They simply lack the necessary quality to provide pleasure every time (and for a long time). We felt men deserved better. So, we set out to create the first high quality masturbator for men who are only satisfied with the best.

2. Men deserve to be taken seriously. Today, it is acceptable for women to own and use masturbators, but it’s still a taboo for men. Men deserve pleasure too and to be respected for our sexuality. With Handy™, our time has come. Handy™ is not just a masturbator, it is a mission.

How did we develop the product?

The story of Handy™ goes back to 2010 when Alexander, our inventor, was socializing with his friends in a bar. They had a beer or two and the conversation gradually turned to sex (beer sometimes has that effect). A little provocatively, Alexander said he could easily build a sex machine for men – after all, he was an engineer. The friends laughed off his bold claim. But Alexander is a stubborn, determined Norwegian. After mulling the idea over for a few days, he threw himself headfirst into the project.

First thing to do: research the competition. Alexander bought dozens of popular masturbators (even imported from China), tested them, took them apart – and ended up with a surprisingly disappointing result: most products were of poor quality, despite a high price point.

Alexander decided to raise his ambitions. He wouldn’t just build a male sex machine, he would transform the masturbator market by developing the world's first premium, reliable, effective masturbator for men that actually works, for customers who demand high quality in every aspect of their lives.

But that was easier said than done, Alexander soon discovered. After four long years, the first product was out on the market. It was significantly better than most competing masturbators, and sales went well all over the world. But Alexander was not satisfied. So, in 2016 he started on a new project, Handy™.

Feedback from buyers had taught Alexander that a masturbator should not just be good at one or two things. It should be excellent in at least three areas:

1. Stroke
2. Motor
3. Ergonomics

It had to be a complete package.

First of all, the stroke length had to be adjustable. In that way, the masturbator would provide far more variation and suit all men and fantasies. Therefore, the product should not imitate the female genitalia, but the penis should be stimulated by a stroker mounted outside the chassis. This ensures a more efficient stimulation, in addition to Handy™'s unique variable stroke length. And it gives the product a sleek and clean look, as it is not trying to simulate something else (like most competitors do).

Secondly, the motor had to be strong. Weak motors were always a show-stopper in Alexander’s numerous tests. That’s why Handy™ has a strong, brushless motor. A brushed motor simply could not keep up with the required speed and rotations without generating a lot of heat and noise.

Finally, Alexander realized that he had to take ergonomics seriously. Most masturbators on the market are too large and unwieldly. In short, they are not handy (yes, that’s why we selected that name). Handy™ had to be easy to hold on and easy to adjust into the right position to ensure maximum pleasure.

Was that an easy process? Definitely not! Alexander built nearly 200 prototypes before the final product. Handy™ looks and functions the way it does because we first tried 200 other ways that don’t work. Handy triumphed in survival of the fittest, which is probably why it’s the best masturbator on the market right now. All other technical solutions have been tested – and discarded.

Handy™ has a lot of features. It’s even prepared for a connected future: it is an Internet of Things product ready to connect to various online services. But the core idea of Handy™ is unchanged and should never be forgotten: it is a masturbator that works and provides pleasure every time. It is not a silly toy, but a premium tool for men.

Before launching Handy™, we let dozens of friends and contacts try out our invention. The comments were overwhelming:

“This is the wildest experience I have had!”
“I have never come that fast.”“It’s the BMW of masturbators.”

Thousands of exhausting hours developing Handy™ had finally paid off. The first version of the perfect product is here, ready for the market.

It’s funny to think that it all started with a pint of beer and some friends. Despite the jokes, Alexander did what he promised: he has created a sex machine that will hopefully redefine the market for male masturbators.