The Ultimate Sex Machine for Men

Looking for a sex toy that will take you sky-high?
Look no more - Handy™ gives a totally new and different sexual experience. It is the best motorized sex simulator for men, with guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms. Controlled by you or your partner. With its firm grip, endless stroking variations and unlimited power to make you come, Handy™ is incomparable to any other machine you’ve tried or know of - you will not want it to stop! 

Not convinced? Try it out for 14 days and return it if you don’t like it!

Try it out for 14 days
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Lean back and enjoy

This is how it feels: having fully relaxed laid-back sex with someone else doing the work. Vary with and without lube, change stroke lengths, change speed. Firm or soft grip? You’re in control. Different settings – different feelings.

One thing is certain, you will get off in ways you have never experienced! And why stop when you come while you can just keep rolling. No mess, just pleasure.

You only need Handy™’s thick and soft TrueGrip sleeve, but try hooking up your manual stroker to spike up the feeling?

You are in control.

It took us three years to develop Handy™, the perfect sex toy for men. Read the full story.

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Lean back and let Handy™ get you offwith the strongest motor out there.  No bullshit.

Sublime feeling. Simple cleaning.

The Handy™ TrueGrip sleeve, is made of a thick and comfortable TPE material and is strong and durable. This gives you a unique feeling: soft, tight and tender and good for hundreds of actions. For extra pleasure, try filling your favorite lubricant inside.

It’s easy to clean: all moisture and fluids stay in the sleeve. When you’re done, just rinse off the sleeve in warm water. It’ll be clean and ready whenever you want it next!

Experiment with Handy™

Want to experience something new? You can easily attach different sleeves to your Handy™, giving you an instant new sensation.

Attach your manual masturbator to Handy™, and bring new life to your boring old toys!

The ultimate sex simulationmachine for men

Superior Gripone size fits all

No other toy for men can say the same. Handy™ is adjustable to all sizes and you can choose a soft or firm grip.

Superior QualityWe've run it more than 1500 miles

Handy™ is a serious and reliable tool with the most powerful and silent motor on the market. It’s Scandinavian. It’s built by engineers. And it’s built to last.

Superior Strokesadjust your sex simulation

Handy™ gives you the option to have short and quick or long and smooth strokes. Speaking from experience, with lube and longer strokes the sex simulation feeling is superior.

Scandinavian quality:Strong, silent and built to last

Handy™ is not just another gadget. It’s the world’s first no-nonsense motorized masturbator that really works. A serious tool for men.

Handy™ is made by Norwegian engineers who assessed hundreds of male sex toys.

They couldn’t find a single machine that really gave pleasure.

So, they dedicated years of research to create something completely different: the ultimate handjob machine. Pure Scandinavian quality in a pure Scandinavian design.


Ready for the future:Feel the Connection with

Let your partner take control

Ever had a handjob from the other side of the world? Let your partner control your pleasure by simply moving a smartphone up and down to control the movements of your Handy. It's a fantastic feeling - and it works! Checkout and let your fantasy run wild.

Voice control – and video synchronisation

Your Handy™ is ready for the modern world. How about controlling your Handy™ by voice using Google Home? Or letting the movements follow the action in an erotic movie? will be updated in the coming months enabling video synchronisation and we are working hard to introduce new features for you to enjoy the Handy™ even more.
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Most powerful motor

One size fits all

Create your own session

Simple Cleaning

Adjustable strokes

Smart Wifi control

Silent operation

Superior quality